G'day! We're "Big Carrot" from Melbourne, Australia. 

We are Colin Bokulic and Nicholas Kempson.

We're two multi-instrumentalists who have newly written and recorded a bunch of tunes to share with the world.                      Nick is a self-taught musician, engineer and producer. His knowledge of music gear is extensive. His musical act "Big Blue Bazooka" has released several albums and EPs, and is currently working on a concept album of Chip-tune tracks adhering to the limitations of the Vintage soundchips used in retro videogame consoles and home computers.

Colin, the singer songwriter of previous bands "Undertow City", "Fat Finger" and "The Festers" has been doing it for years. His current side projects "Chopmatic" (experimental electronic music) and "The Dark Sea Creatures" (an album of surf rock instrumentals) continues his passion of creating music.

We are currently working on our debut album and plan to release it in coming months.

Thanks for listening!

Find all our music links here - https://biglink.to/BigCarrot